About Sam

Sam Dawson is a philanthropist, activist, actor, and retired publicist. She has led a number of lives. Married young, she became the mother of three daughters before she was 27. In her 30s, Sam became an award-­winning publicist and ran her own public relations company, specializing in the arts. She also wrote her first book, a source book on how to access free public service and public affairs time on radio and television. In her late 40s she married her second husband, a real estate developer, and devoted her time to his projects. She was widowed in her 50s and returned to the work world as a program officer for a large foundation. Retiring in her early 60s, Sam became an active volunteer for a number of nonprofit organizations focused primarily on the needs of and issues facing women and girls.

Today, Sam is a founding partner and grants chair of Impact Giving*, a woman’s collective giving organization that, in its first four years, has granted nearly $475,000 to local and global nonprofit organizations. She is also the creator of Sam’s Salon, a bimonthly gathering of women that focuses on one topic of discussion to educate, enlighten, or just laugh.

*A portion of proceeds from the sale of Broad Appeal will be donated to Impact Giving.